Living an Oneiric Life

Have you ever wondered how life worked? If you have, you probably never found the answer & neither did I. Many times in my lifetime, I’ve heard the question, “What if this is all a dream?” It amazes me how humans went from living in caves making fire to being able to communicate with some on the other side of the world through a few clicks on our electronics.

As humans, we are able to experience many emotions such as love which is described as dreamlike. Actually, all these emotions we feel are very different and seems out of this world. I have always thought about these topics. Have you ever realized that you will never be able to see yourself (your face) without a mirror? Sounds pretty crazy to me.

We go on with our lives day by day dreaming. A few years ago, I decided to write down my dreams on paper or in my phone as soon as I wake up so that I won’t forget. In the past two years, I’ve only written down about 3-4 dreams because they stood out to me and I just had to jot it down. It is great remembering what I dreamt of, but hearing about the dreams of others is also quite exciting. This led me to create this blog as I continue living an oneiric life.


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