Night of January 15, 2017

In my very first blog post, I mentioned that I write down my dreams. Usually I make a list of details I remember, however, this situation was a bit different. As soon as I woke up, I started writing out every single thing that happened as if I was writing a novel. I typed it out non-stop and when I finished, I reflected on what I had just typed up and I was quite shocked. Before I tell you why, here’s what I dreamt of during the night of January 15, 2017 (I didn’t include the very beginning aka the parts I remember first because it’s irrelevant to the main story. Let me know if you want me to post it though!).


“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”

– Ernest Hemingway


As my friend and I headed into a building that was on my school campus, I saw an acquaintance. He seemed like he had an interest in me and kinda gave off a weird, uncomfortable feeling. He came to us and he asked, “You guys look lost, where are you guys headed to?” I forgot but I told him it was to the dance studio and he replies, “Follow me, I know where it is.” We awkwardly follow him but we stay about 7 feet behind him and when he takes us somewhere familiar, I realize it’s not the right place. I turn to my friend and whisper “You now this place right? (she nods) Then you know what’s behind that door too? (she tells me ‘the beach’) That’s what I think too so if it isn’t, I think we should run away.” She agrees and when he motions for us to follow him again, we do and he heads toward the door.

The both of us stop and when he opens it, my friend and are run away as quietly and quickly as possible. It wasn’t the beach, it was a dark red staircase that most likely led to a secluded area where no one would see us.

When he realizes we dipped (NOTE: This writing is a bit more informal since I only planned on telling my close friends read this, haha), with wide eyes he literally shouts with a demon voice, “WHERE ARE YOU GOING ?!” It legit scares me thinking about it. We run through the building as fast as we can although we don’t really know where we’re going, we just know that we need to get away safely. I turn around and he’s still chasing us. So we go through some doors and trying to weave in and out of different areas (NOTE: the doors , one side has the bar you push on to open it, while the other side has a handle.)

We continue to weave in and out of these doors when FINALLY we lose him. So we walk to catch our breath. At this point, my friend and I run into Tate and Sareena (NOTE: In the dream they were actually my friends in real life so I changed their names to protect their identity). So we’re in a type of open area in the hallway with doors lining it (it lines the open area, but when it goes back to a regular sized hallway, the row of doors end). Tate & Sareena sense that something is wrong and are like “what’s happening?” While my friend and I explain I look behind Tate’s shoulder and whispered, “.. oh crap ..”

Everyone turns to look where I was looking. Behind Tate, the guy who was chasing us and a random girl was standing there. However, I don’t run because he seems to give off a different feeling as if he’s a whole new person. He notices me and says,”Oh hey there! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other, how you doing?” I make small talk and I ask him, “So .. you don’t remember running after someone?” and he thinks about it and replies with, “I kind of do, but then i remember standing and saw a girl chasing after people.” A girl? Did the demon enter someone else? 

The answer to my question was literally knocking on the door, actually, more like banging. All of us turn to my right where a girl I recognize from middle school is banging super loud on the door. “LET ME IN!” she shouts with the same demon voice I heard from before. The side of the door on our side had the bar that when you push it in, it’ll open, but the handle on the other side was locked which is why the demon couldn’t get inside. While we all start backing up, she finally stops banging on the door and kinda droops her head a bit, but then she looks up (that creepy look you know?) and she smiles, “You won’t let me in? Fine, I’ll find another way in myself.” Then she takes her hands off the door and runs to her right (our left). My friend asks me what we should do and I think for a few seconds ‘Okay. I know this area of the campus, she’ll most likely run around the hall where there are no doors and since this area is like a big circle , she’ll eventually get here .. we only have a minute to spare so we have to go somewhere she doesn’t know.’

I look up at everyone , bid farewell to the dude (i felt like saying ‘bid farewell’ cause i never get to when explaining a story, LOL) and while I look outside at the pitch black sky beyond the double doors (the door the demon was behind and the doors behind that lead outside) I say to everyone “We’re going outside.” Then I bolt while Tate, Sareena, and my friend follow behind me.

While running out, Sareena says “but what if there’s no where to hide outside?” while running, I reply “Better than being inside a building where the demon can take over another body and also knows the building inside and out.” Sareena agrees and we see a hill a little further away from the building. “Quick, run as fast as you can over the hill before she sees us.”

Before we get to the hill, we see an unconscious girl laying at the bottom of a tree. I look at her and see blood and realized that she was attacked. I couldn’t leave her to die so Tate and I put her arms around our shoulders then we run up the hill. Sareena and my friend were ahead of us while we closely followed behind.

The hill starts to get very steep, so steep that we had to start grabbing the grass to help pull us up since there were no trees or branches to hold onto. We started getting tired and were moving very slowly, but we were almost over the hill.

All of a sudden, Tate and Sareena start singing (NOTE: A very random part of the dream, but I didn’t want to leave it out, lol). “Guys stop, she can hear us and figure out where we are.” I tell them but they don’t listen and continue. By the time I got them to be quiet, I started getting a bad feeling. I turn around and see the demon girl but this time she came with backup, she took control of my guy friend and his friend from before. “Run guys! Hurry!” I loudly whisper.

There was a tree nearby the top of the hill, but it was barely a tree because my hand could wrap around the base. Then the girl we were carrying started to gain consciousness, but when she did, she started moving her arms and freaking out. “Stop stop, we’re helping you get away from the demons.” I tell her to get her to stop but it was too late. Tate lost her balance and started slipping down the hill to where the demons were climbing.

The girl still had her arm around tiff and me so all three of us fell and stated sliding, but i grabbed onto the tree base before we slipped any further. I could feel the roots ripping but some were still still keeping the tree in the ground. “Tate hurry! Take the girl up.” I command Tate. Sareena and my friend help grab Tate’s hand and pull the two of them up, but when i was getting up I slipped on some loose dirt and fell. I grabbed onto the tree again but it was looser than before. I could feel the roots breaking again one by one. My friend grabbed onto my free arm as soon as the tree got ripped off from the ground. I was still holding onto the tree so I threw it down the hill towards the demons to stall. Then we quickly got up and ran.

Ahead of us, we saw a field of wheat, with a house hidden in it. Beyond that was a forest. We run towards the house, but when we pass it, I saw a butcher knife in a tree and a machete in a tree trunk. Should I grab the weapons before the demons could? But it was too late to turn back and grab it.

Sareena was about to go inside the house when I tell them that it won’t protect us. “No, we have to go into this forest, this house might belong to the demon girl.” So we run into the forest and find an abandoned house. The house had broken furniture turned all over.

While walking around, we find some knives scattered around so we pick them up to protect ourselves. Tate and I go hide in a bedroom that had a bookshelf which had fallen. Sareena, my friend, and the girl went to go check out the house for danger. While Tate sat on the bed to rest, I laid under the bookshelf. It was very quiet and I realize the sun had come up. For once, it felt peaceful, but that shortly ended when we heard a creak.

I look through a crack in the bookshelf and make eye contact with Tate. She motions for me to be quiet. She slowly got up to check it out and I move a bit so I could see the doorway and the kitchen. They found us. The three of them split up and went different places. The guy friend from before came towards our direction, but he didn’t look the same, now he was taller and skinnier. Could the demons be shapeshifters?

He walked into the room we were in, but he didn’t see us because i was under the bookshelf and Tate was behind the door. He walked further in and started looking around. He passed the door Tate was behind so she slowly walked out of where she was hiding and was ready to attack him from behind. But before she could, we heard screaming from the other parts of the house. The guy turned around and that’s when tiff knocked him towards the wall away from the door.

He’s about to stab her when she pushes him once more and makes him hit the wall hard, causing the knife to drop from his hand. I wanted to help so I tried pushing the bookshelf on him, but it just fell and landed back on me (NOTE: I was basically the useless sidekick, LOL). Before i could get out from under the shelf, I hear the knife enter someone’s body and blood drippings were heard shortly after.

Tate slowly stumbles backwards and I see the guy with the knife stabbed into his body. His face is lifeless as he slouches there, dead. I look at Tate and she has a cut, but she’ll be fine cause it’s not deep. I grab 4 knives and put it in one hand, but i was being extra so I put them all down expect for the big one. I also find a box cutter and pick that up.

I look over at Tate who was resting on the bed. I also look over at the guy, he was no longer in the dead position he was in causing me to gasp. Did he move? I slowly crouched down and picked up my knife and that’s when I saw his head move. He looked towards Tate who was laying on the bed. He slowly takes the knife out while staring at Tate who had her eyes closed and breathed deeply while holding her wound.

As the knife slowly came out of him, I ran out from under the bookshelf and pushed my knife into him. He looked up at me with wide eyes. This wakes up Tate and I motion for her to crawl away and find the others. He’s about the stab me when I take the box cutter and make cuts on his lips. This distracts him so I then take the box cutter and cut his knuckles causing him to bring his hand down and drop the knife, but when he did it cut me. I picked up the knife , put the box cutter and my pocket and took the knife from his body. He collapses onto the floor and i see a pool of blood. I ran out and closed the door while locking it from the outside. I hold onto my wound on my arm and turn around. Oh no.

When I turn, I see Sakura from Naruto there (NOTE: Again, very random, LOL). She looks up at me and smirks. “Where’s Tate and the others?” I ask while holding onto the knives tightly, one in each hand, both with blood on them. She puts both hands in front of me as if trying to calm me down. “The other medical ninjas and I found them and took them to our hospital to heal them.” I guess those screams from earlier were the demons, Sakura and the others probably sealed the demons away.

I drop the knives and look at them. I also look at my hands which had blood on them. Then I felt dizzy. Sakura holds onto me and brings me into a room. She lays me down and I slowly drift to sleep while she heals my wound.

When I wake up, I’m in the same room Sakura brought me into, but this house was no longer abandoned. I sit up and see my college friends in there with me. I realized how much I had missed them. I was laying in a king sized bed while they were all sleeping around me. Another of my friend was on the couch with a blanket. He woke up and said “You’re finally awake.” I smile and get off the bed.

I look at where my wound was and i see that it’s been healed although it still hurt. My whole body was aching but before I could lay back onto the bed, my friend ran past me and took my spot. I lightly laughed and pushed him over and laid down next to him and the others. One by one they all started waking up and we joked around and laughed like we used to.

Then my brother, Scott (NOTE: Name change again) walks in to play on the computer that was in the room. While he walks past me, I notice his lips, there were wound marks all over them. I froze, was he the person I was attacking? I slowly got out of bed and stumbled towards him not wanting to believe it. I turn him around and he asks what I’m doing. “Did it hurt?” I ask in our language and I feel the tears coming. I point to his lips and he shakes his head no. He then goes on to explain that he was hanging out with Naruto and Zero (vampire knight character) and that when he woke up, he was in this house. Did the demon take over his body too? Maybe while the demon takes over the body, the humans remember nothing. My brother smiled at me and I give him a small smile back.

I walked back towards the bed and wondered why I was always hurting my family. I take my friends iPhone and go on snapchat. I start taking snaps of us and realize how slow the iPhone was, good thing I didn’t get one when I was considering it. He took the phone back and we joked around. I look out the window, everything was peaceful. It was sunny and you could see animals running around in nature.

I turn and see my college friends packing up to leave. They told me to be sure to go back one day to school one day (NOTE: At this time in my life, I was close to dropping out of college due to some issues). Scott tells me that lunch is ready and he runs out to go back home. Then i see Tate, Sareena, my friend, and the girl standing at the doorway.

I gave them a look that meant I was sorry for what happened when it was only supposed to be me involved in this but they shook their heads and smiled. Then they walked out into the hall and left. Soon I was alone in the room.

I thought about all that had happened. I was living a life having violent and bitter thoughts yet my friends, no matter what kind of person they were, stuck by me. Although I would fight and cause harm to my family, they still loved me and treated me right. Why did i always feel depressed and negative about life when I was blessed with such great people? I looked back at the window and then I took off the bandages that wrapped my wound. I left it on the ground and walked out of the room and closed the door.


Although there were some random parts and it may have been confusing to imagine, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Since this blog post is quite long, I will write my reflection of it as another post. Until then!



One thought on “Night of January 15, 2017”

  1. Whoa! This is the first time I read through your dream and homegirl, this definitely means something. There’s so much representation through this. Let me know how you’re doing and if you wanna spill more!


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