Reflection: Night of January 15, 2017

I remember all of this so clearly and that last part where it got deep is true too. I got into a fight with my mom and I started having bad thoughts. Would they miss me if i was gone? Do my college friends even care that I might not be able to go back and drop out? Do my friends from church get annoyed of me and judge that I’m different and do bad things? This might sound weird but what if this dream was God giving me the answers to my questions? 


Thoughts from friends:

“Wow! I read everything and its so beautifully written. I feel like i was also part of your dream, felt so real my heart really skipped a beat. I couldn’t possibly remember most of my dreams and peoples faces or mine and just so clueless.  Maybe you are right. That God was trying to show you something through your friends and your family. I possibly don’t know what it is but that’s something to ask yourself what it is… and if you know what God is trying to show you, then question yourself again or maybe ask one of your very close friend to why is God showing me this? What do He mean in all this? What do I need to reflect my habits and self that isn’t pleasant to The Lord…. I think I can also relate to your thoughts as well.. (Maybe, because you might be thinking about something different. Haha. Lol.)” – P.

“Omg such an epic, (kinda literally) demented, and symbolic dream. So deep. LOL you nearly wrote it like a novel. But bruuuuuh that ending. IT ALL MEANS SOMETHING. The wounds are like your past way of thinking so when you take the bandages off and leave them it’s  like you’ve grown from it, realizing that your doubts, though they still hurt, have been healed and you can move forward, knowing now that your friends still have your back and that your family still loves you no matter how much you hurt them. In all seriousness, i think it is God revealing some things in your life.  A totally epic way of revealing it, I must say.” – T.


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