Night of July 11th, 2016

My posts have been pretty deep and serious so I decided to post up a dream I typed out last year to change the mood a bit. WARNING: This dream will be very random and will jump all over the place, but hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did dreaming about it πŸ™‚


“Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.

–Β William Dement


When I came home from college, my mom greeted me and told me she ad a surprise for me and handedΒ me a box. I opened it and saw a new phone inside which was really exciting considering that my phone lost battery super quickly. While setting up my new phone, my mom asks me, “Are you willing to meet my friend’s son?” It was pretty normal for my mom and other moms to set their children up and since I was already in college and haven’t had a serious relationship yet, I thought why not because it shouldn’t be too bad. Well, turns out it wasn’t just a little blind date, it was an arranged marriage! My mom told me there was no way out of this, but I told her I’ll find a way and ran into my room.

While trying to figure out what to do, I saw something slowly walk into my room. I looked up and saw a white cat with a freakishly human face staring at me. I immediately stood on my bed and tried my best to stay as far as possible due to my fear of cats. My sister wasn’t playing around when she said she’d get a cat just to scare me. As it started walking to the side of my bed, I kept my eye on it and slowly walked towards the door. When it was far enough for me to run out safely, I ran as fast as I could into the bathroom and locked the door so that it couldn’t get in. I texted my sister to come get her cat so that I could leave, but while I was texting her, I saw two white rolls slide under the door. Then I saw a white ball slowly slide under too. As it came further in, I realized it was the head of the cat from earlier. This is my worst nightmare [NOTE: I don’t remember what happened after this so I probably blacked out in that dream, LOL. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.]

Due to the crazy cat my sister owned and the arranged marriage, my family decided to go live in the country. After that day I came back, things have felt really different, as if my family was trying to hide me from something or someone. I always brushed off the feeling and continued with normal chores until I went back to college. The new house we were living in was really big and isolated, but it still had some old appliances where we had to gather wood to start a fire and make it work. My mom sent me to go outside and gather some sticks so that we could cook before it gets dark. I went outside to our backyard where we had three piles of sticks. While walking towards it, I saw three hikers walk out. Two were males and one was female, and all three of them seemed to be in their mid 20’s. I slowly started backing up, but they walked even closer to me. One of the males and the female stayed behind the man in the red jacket which seemed to be their ‘leader.’ At this point, I realized they were after me for some reason, but I didn’t know for what. I looked all around me and saw that my house was on my right, the woods were on my left, and the road was behind me. I looked back at the hikers and stopped moving and so did they. I slowly tok a few steps towards them, but before they could do anything, I ran as fast as I could towards the woods. The hikers did not expect that but quickly ran after me. As I reached the edge of the woods, I started running through the trees and get to the other side. I was able to gain some distance due to being familiar with these woods. I saw the sun shining through the trees straight ahead of me so I ran even faster. Finally I was able to get out of the woods, but what I saw was what made me realize why they might’ve chased after me.

Instead of being surrounded by hills, I was in an airport. I looked around me and thought to myself, ‘Did I .. just teleport?’ Β I looked around and realized I was in the airport from the cities that is the closest to us. I sat down and called my friend to bring me a backpack with some clothes. When she arrived, she said “Thanks for calling to meet up before you leave.” I lied to her saying I was visiting family because I couldn’t tell her I’m being chased by three strangers and that I teleported here. When she left, I put on my Adidas jacket and a black cap while tying my hair into a ponytail. I kept my head down and started walking towards the exit to go back home when the door slid open [NOTE: They were automatic doors.] I looked up and have never been so shocked in my life, which is saying something considering I just teleported. How did he find me so quick? The airport is about two hours away from where we were earlier at my house. I was so shocked that I stood where I was standing. The man with the red jacket started walking towards me and said my name. He stuck out his arm as if trying to calm me down and not scare me off, but that did not work because I ran towards the hallway behind me and could hear him running after me too. I started running out of breath when I turned the corner into another hallway on my right, but shortly stopped. I was in a hospital now. I walked quickly down the hall and tried to catch my breath when I heard someone running at the end of the hallway. IT WAS THE RED MAN AGAIN. I grabbed onto the arm of a patient pretending to be their relative. The red man walked past while turning his head around to look for me. As the patient and I was turning the corner, I looked back to check if the red man was gone, but when I looked, I made eye contact with him. When he wasn’t in sight anymore, I ran a bit down the hall and hid in one of the rooms. It wasn’t the best choice because the room had semi see through walls. I crouched down and took off my jacket and hat but soon saw that I had many bruises on my arms and one on my face so I had to put it back on. The patient I was with earlier slowly walked past the room I was in and stopped a bit past the door. Then I heard the voice of the red man, “Excuse me, where was the girl that was talking to you?” The patient paid no attention to him and continued to walk away from him. While the red man was still trying to get some information out of him, I slowly tiptoed away from them and tried to be as quiet as possible. I almost made it to the the other hallway when I bumped into a metal cart that had metal tools on them [NOTE: basically what happens in all movies when someone tries to get away, LOL]. The sound made the red man turn around and the chase began once again.

I ran as fast as I could and also tried to weave in and out of hallways and stairways, but when I checked how far the man was, he was gaining speed and was catching up towards me. When I turned to look forward again, I ran bumped into someone and we both fell down. WHY AM I ALWAYS BUMPING SOMEONE OR SOMETHING WHEN I TRY TO RUN AWAY? The man I fell with turned out to be a Korean idol named Mark Tuan. I apologized and when the red man arrived to where we were, Mark recognized him. Was the red man also a Korean celebrity? I pushed Mark Tuan towards him and heard girls squealing and running to where we were. The girls surrounded the both of them which helped me run away. I ran in the direction where the elevator is and when I found it, I hid in a small area until I saw the red man run past. When he turned the corner, I walked into the elevator and pressed level 2 to get out of the hospital where the main entrance was. In the elevator, Sean Kingston was also there with me [NOTE: VERY random isn’t it? LOL]. He said he wanted to take me to level 5 with him and I agreed. If he’s a celebrity, maybe he has a private suite where the red man won’t find me.

When the doors opened, we weren’t at the hospital anymore but was at a college lounge. When I looked out the windows, it showed a lake and a forest, maybe I went through another portal .. I hung out for a bit to regain my energy and went towards the elevator, but it was now replaced by a sliding door. It opened as I walked towards it and I stepped outside. As I started walking away, I went to go meet my younger sister at the sandy part of the lake. I realized we were in a different country now. I looked up above the lake and saw a castle on a cliff. I tried to take pictures of it to impress my friends on social media, but as I was about to take the picture, I heard a voice inside my head.

It was the voice of my art teacher and she told me, “Your art project is based off of its bookcase, go closer.” I looked into my camera and zoomed in on the castle. It zoomed in past the walls and into the office area with the bookcase. I took a picture and realized it was a trap. As soon as the camera clicked, I saw spirits in the house that had previously been murdered here. I knew I had to get out of here before the owner came and could murder me too. All of a sudden my art teacher is behind me and I tell her to run with me. She tried tricking me to follow her to safety, but it was the opposite direction of where the elevator/door I came out from. I slowly backed away from her and then sprinted off and in a low, demonic voice I heard her yelling for me to go back.

I tried finding the elevator and finally remembered where it was. It’s behind the house where the lake is but now there was an obstacle course on the lake that I had to play to get to the other side. There were also other people I knew on the course so I joined one of my guy friends in a relay station. I had to throw ping pong balls into his mouth. He caught two of them but missed the last one. We continued to keep trying until we got it. I looked behind me and saw someone coming towards me. It was the owner of the house I was in. I stopped trying to finish the relay and ran towards the elevator as fast as I could, but right before I reached it, the doors open and another time that day I was shocked by what I saw. The red man walked out, looked up at me, and said my name.

Then I woke up.


Like the last dream post, I will post up my reflection on this later. Hopefully that was a bit entertaining (: Until next time!


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